Wannabe Ballerinas

Alla upea kooste jouluesityksen tunnelmista lavalla ja kulisseissa. Videon teki tuotantoyhtiö Über.

Hot from the press

At the backstage of From Helsinki With Love - Jenni Rotonen, Pupulandia (23/05/2013)

"When Wannabe Ballerinas practise, music is Huscy Rescue or Arcade Fire. And when the groins are tight in plié or feet in cramp
they laugh even louder."
- Outi Väisänen, Ilta-Sanomat (31/8/2012)

"The dancers looked very happy and everyone danced their part in their own wonderful way – being real, honest and human
at every step and often with a great wide smile."
- Mirjami Pullinen, ELLE (8/5/2012)

"... Wannabe Ballerinas's shows are the best entertainment: joy of dancing and broken criteria of appearance. They are relaxed and beautiful. Ballerinas amaze, they put smile on audience's face and make them feel that anyone can be a ballerina."
- Jenny Huttunen, Yle Olotila (5/9/2011)